March​​ 4th, 2020

InsidePacket​​ extends​​ SONiC use cases,​​ enabling new​​ edge-cloud network services​​ 

InsidePacket selects Microsoft-contributed SONiC to​​ deliver​​ secure​​ and programmable​​ edge-cloud services,​​ eliminating​​ complexity,​​ increasing​​ performance​​ and​​ reducing​​ latency associated with siloed appliances​​ via​​ a​​ Broadcom-based​​ switch white box.​​ 

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 4, 2020 -- InsidePacket,​​ one of​​ the pioneers of next-generation, ​​ innovative​​ edge-networking services, today announced its support of SONiC, Microsoft’s Software for Open Networking in the Cloud, to deliver cloud providers and data centers a powerful, ground-breaking accelerated middlebox networking service, over programmable-switch white boxes. By that, InsidePacket’s ipOS solution enables 10-40x improvements in productivity, performance, cost, and scale compared to current industry-typical appliances.

Around 10​​ percent​​ of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure​​ to​​ reach 75​​ percent, creating significant challenges for​​ the​​ existing infrastructure.​​ This shift drives a significant increase in the scale of networking infrastructure, and networking services must scale-out accordingly.

SONiC, coupled with InsidePacket’s​​ solution, is​​ one of​​ the first secure, programmable, edge-accelerated platforms​​ that directly addresses the generational​​ scale​​ occurring as data pushes to the edge of the cloud.​​ At the foundations​​ of the InsidePacket solution, lies​​ a programmable-based switch ASIC, optimized to execute middlebox services at high performance and ultra-low latency. Furthermore, SONiC Architecture, a modern microservices-based modular open-source Network Operating System, provides all of the necessary network infrastructures, switching, and routing operation while​​ ipOS​​ offers other mission-critical edge cloud services. ​​ 

The​​ InsidePacket​​ load balancer and DDOS mitigation are the first ipOS network services offered as containers operated on top of the latest official SONiC version, leveraging the full capacity of a Jericho 2-based switch, and​​ achieving beyond​​ 40x performance improvement vs. standard appliances, at a fraction of the cost.

InsidePacket together with Microsoft, Baidu, Broadcom, and others,​​ had completed the SAI APIs specifications​​ as part of the effort to add​​ load balancer services​​ to​​ SONiC.

​​ “InsidePacket is proud to collaborate with Microsoft, Baidu​​ and the OCP community​​ in bringing​​ high scale edge cloud​​ network​​ services​​ over a Jericho 2 white box​​ to the​​ edge cloud”​​ said Eli Karpilovski, CEO and Founder of InsidePacket,​​ “Through the integration with SONiC, InsidePacket customers can​​ now​​ leverage the​​ high quality​​ product and​​ incredible work already​​ accomplished​​ by the Open Networking community , along with​​ the​​ ipOS technology designed to address the new architectures for the cloud”



Partner quotes:


Microsoft:​​ “We are pleased that InsidePacket’s​​ Load Balancer and DDOS containers are running​​ on top of SONiC (Software for​​ Open​​ Networking in the​​ Cloud),​​ supporting​​ our community development efforts in open networking,​​ “said Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President of Azure Networking, Microsoft Corp.​​ “Cloud providers can now gain a technological advantage over the current appliances solutions, leveraging their already used SONiC platform.”

Baidu: “As one of the largest hyper-scale data center operators globally, Baidu is pleased to support the SONiC project and collaborate on development of applications such as Load balancer and DDOS”, said​​ Gang Cheng, Distinguished Engineer​​ at Baidu, “We are excited to work with InsidePacket to unleash the power of this open source project potential.”

Broadcom:​​ ​​ “As the market leader in merchant silicon switch technology and a major contributor of the OCP and SONiC ecosystem, we are excited to see the ipOS running over SONiC and their support for Broadcom’s StrataDNX Jericho2 platform,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom. “Extending SONiC use case to the edge cloud, on top of the industry’s most pervasive silicon platforms, the ipOS carrier-grade platform will further drive the adoption of our networking switch products, offering a high-degree of flexibility and scale, required for the edge environments.”

UFI space: ​​ “We are proud to collaborate with InsidePacket and take open networking to the next level”.  said Vincent Ho,​​ CEO Of UfiSpace. “Starting at the edge of carrier networks with the leading Open NOS for Data Centers,​​ SONiC, InsidePacket​​ High scale​​ solution,​​ unlock networks services that until recently considered​​ closed and propriety.”​​ 

Celestica:​​ ​​ Celestica has been supportive of the evolving open networking ecosystem, and is excited to see InsidePacket's solution running in a SONiC environment on our SilverstoneDP™​​ switch, a Jericho2-based platform. This is another example of the innovation possible in the expanding open hardware market." Steven Dorwart, VP Service Provider Solutions, Celestica 


To​​ schedule​​ a​​ live​​ demo of the SONiC and InsidePacket solution,​​ please​​ contact us at EdgeCloud@insidePacket.com


About InsidePacket

InsidePacket was​​ founded​​ by a team of world-class experts in networking and programmability with a proven track record of delivering industry-leading, high-performance networking programmability. The founding team hails from​​ leading companies including Broadcom, Cisco,​​ Ixia,​​ and​​ Allot with the mission​​ of​​ building​​ critically needed solutions​​ addressing​​ the emerging challenges in edge cloud networking.



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