Backend and NMS SW Engineer


We’re looking for a superb backend engineer to join our fast-growing team. In this position, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of application logic running in docker containers on a variety of Linux platforms, and building a smart orchestration engine for optimal workload distribution. You will also be involved in the definition and implementation of various northbound and southbound interfaces and integration with Network Management Systems (NMS).


● Building reusable libraries optimized for speed and scale
● Implementing cloud-native microservices
● Leveraging container orchestration technologies to deploy workloads across multiple platforms


● Above 3 yrs of experience in backend development
● Mastering container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
● Advantage: experience with SDN controller and background in Networking
● Experience with Databases such as Redis
● Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

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