Backend – Engineer

We’re looking for a superb backend engineer to join our fast-growing team. In this position, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of the management APIs and the application logic for our high-scale network security solution


  • Building reusable libraries optimized for speed and scale
  • Implementing business logic in a microservice architecture
  • Defining and implementing user-facing API such as REST and gRPC
  • Management of collecting, querying, streaming and analyzing data


  • Proficiency in Python 3
  • Mastering Docker containers 
  • Experience with NoSQL Databases 


  • Desired:
    • Prior knowledge of Networking and/or Security fundamentals
    • Experience with SDN controllers
    • Experience with Cloud technologies and multi-tenant services

Education & Experience

  • Above 3 years of experience in backend development in Python
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above in Computer Science or equivalent

For further information please contact us at:

About InsidePacket

In the era of data explosion, multi-cloud networking and security stretch the Enterprise IT infrastructure beyond its limits.  InsidePacket helps digital infrastructure companies compete against HyperScalers to provide the best enterprise networking, network security, and managed services to their enterprise customers.

InsidePacket was founded by a team of World-Class Networking and Security Experts and is supported by industry thought leaders and strategic Tier One VCs.

If you are passionate about Software development and have a healthy understanding of Networking and/or Security Fundamentals, we have the proper challenge for you!

Join us at InsidePacket and become part of the CORE TEAM at the cutting edge of this revolution!

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