Backend Engineer


We’re looking for a superb backend engineer to join our fast-growing team. In this position, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of the management APIs and the application logic for our high-scale network security solution


● Building reusable libraries optimized for speed and scale
● Implementing business logic in a microservice architecture
● Defining and implementing user-facing API such as REST and gRPC
● Management of collecting, querying, streaming and analyzing data


● Proficiency in Python 3
● Mastering Docker containers
● Experience with SQL and NoSQL Databases
● Desired:
○ Prior knowledge of Networking and/or Security fundamentals
○ Experience with SDN controllers
○ Experience with Cloud technologies and multi-tenant services

● Education & Experience
○ Above 3 years of experience in backend development in Python
○ Bachelor’s Degree or above in Computer Science or equivalent

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