Network Security Technology Leader

Network Security

We’re looking for a tech-savvy specialist with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the fields of Network Security including DPI, DDoS, FW and IPS/IDS


Design and drive the implementation of Network Security solutions on a unique hyper-performance platform, based on expert understanding and continuous research of emerging threats and mitigation techniques landscape


  • Hands-on experience designing and building Security solutions such as NGFW, DDoS mitigation, WAF
  • Vast knowledge of Network Security threats and mitigation techniques
  • Creative and analytical thinking, ability to come up with innovative ideas and leverage unique platform capabilities 
  • Good knowledge of TCP/IP stack and routing /switching
  • Ability to define architectural concepts and translate them into detailed design and implementation guidelines, and preferably a working prototype

Education and Experience

  • Above 5 years of experience in leading design and development of Network Security products
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above in Computer Science or equivalent

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About InsidePacket

InsidePacket is a disruptive Software Start-Up in the Network Security market.

We leverage recent groundbreaking developments in the fields of Network Function Disaggregation, switch ASIC programmability and SDN to build innovative security solutions unmatched in scale and performance for Data Centers and Service Providers.

InsidePacket was founded by a team of World-Class Networking and Security Experts and is supported by industry thought leaders and strategic Tier One VCs.

If you are passionate about Software development and have a healthy understanding of Networking and/or Security Fundamentals, we have the proper challenge for you!

Join us at InsidePacket and become part of the CORE TEAM at the cutting edge of this revolution!