VP of Global Sales


InsidePacket is looking for a highly skilled, motivated, and hands-on strategic sales leader with a proven track record of growth at early-stage venture backed startups. This key individual will be part of the company’s executive leadership team, reporting to the CEO, and be responsible for developing differentiation using sales strategies and market development. This position will drive all aspects of our sales direction and strategy. This role requires creativity, demonstrated leadership skills and level of product awareness. Working closely with our leadership team, including product management, and engineering, the sales leader will be responsible for creating and executing a winning strategy to drive growth. The individual will develop a strategic sales plan and develop clear action plans with quantifiable success metrics. The successful candidate will positively influence our sales efforts through engaging in market research, customer engagement analysis, and providing technology direction. The successful candidate will identify, evaluate and prioritize opportunities and help focus the team in pursuit of the most strategic initiatives. The successful candidate will use their market knowledge to identify additional industry partners and alliances for technology development.


● Create and execute a winning sales strategy to grow the business
● Identify and capture new opportunities
● Develop an annual sales plan that defines actions and owners to meet the company’s financial targets
● Work closely with engineering teams and customers, and evangelize product features and benefits in the network security market.
● Make recommendations for new markets we should serve that align with our offerings
● Create thoughtful presentations both internally and externally to tell a compelling story
● Ensure our customer satisfaction exceeds expectations


Candidate Characteristics
● Strong leadership skills
● Strategic thinking
● Customer focused
● Excellent communication skills both internal to the company and externally
● Entrepreneurial and creative approach to solving issues as they arise and finding the best solution

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