DDoS attacks are a tool used by criminals from any background. From the least skilled attackers that buy it as a service from a darknet marketplace up to state funded huge attacks run by sophisticated hackers that can take down whole networks. They cause significant financial damage and constantly threaten your reputation as an operator.
The best DDoS defense is the one you don’t feel: No impact on service or performance, no need for action, just peace of mind. And a full report with all details.

Defending networks and services against DDoS is a complex task. Therefore, NSOS DDoS Defend offers granulated configuration options to address the most specific needs and network topologies. But not every network administrator of your customers is a security expert, so our InsidePacket “Shields Up!” approach is also enabled for DDoS protection: AI-based traffic classification mechanisms will match all network links to what they are mostly used for and will apply carefully crafted automatic configurations to each of them to protect your customer networks out of the box:

Defend volumetric attacks inline in wire speed, up to 3.6 Tbits in size per platform.

All other NSOS security services stay up during attacks to prevent smoke screen.

Dynamically learned Baseline for detection.

Automatic signature creation for mitigation.

Detect and mitigate based on attack source region or country.

Detailed yet, easy-to-understand reporting for Operator and Tenants.

“Shields up!” out-of-the box defense.

Ready for any flood

DDoS attacks constantly evolve, so a defense system must be ready for any flood, not just for a fixed set of predefined patterns. NSOS DDoS Defend is creating a mitigation strategy based on the flood traffic it sees to avoid any over-mitigation while still being able to filter out most of the unwanted traffic.

Endless integration options

Being able to trigger external events, when attacks occur with all details of the attack opens the way to unlimited defense strategies and reporting options. Examples: Trigger DNS updates, scale up cloud infrastructure, implement special route maps and much more

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