In our always-on connected world, companies use multiple WAN connections to various branches and distribute workloads between different operators such as Cloud services, Data Center colocation, and have employees working from home and on the road. Maintaining a company-wide security policy becomes a complex and costly task, including running and maintaining hardware and software firewalls in various places and synchronizing their policies, as well as aggregating events and logs to understand the threat situation.
Insidepacket FWaaS is a virtual, centralized firewall in the cloud that is either managed or fully controlled by the enterprise and offers all the security functionality you need:

Firewall policies with session state validation (stateful) to allow secure access to IPs, groups of IPs, Networks or Protocols
NGFW features such as IDS to detect and react to threats from the outside and the inside
Sophisticated Web and DNS filters to block Phishing attempts and other malicious traffic coming into or leaving the enterprise network Detect and prevent lateral movements of Cyberthreats, not only on north-south with the internet but also between your branches, workloads, and colocations.
Control and report internet usage by Web Content Category and time of day
Integration with multiple SD-WAN vendors
Control and visualize traffic
not only from users, but also between workloads (e.g. Cloud to Cloud traffic)
Virtual SOC to monitor all security-related events

Connecting the Dots for your SOC

With insidepacket FWaas, all security-related events are in one place, allowing you to create an overall view and connect the dots. A new firewall rule was enabled, and now the IDS sees a new attack? With a centralized SOC view of logs for all security functions, it is easy to connect the dots and improve security rather than chase root causes.

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